Strategic Initiatives

January is the time for making commitments, setting resolutions, designing a better you. Thinner, faster, smarter, stronger, kinder, healthier, richer. Reflection, dreaming, then planning. Trim all the things you don’t like, and where once there were gaping holes in your physique, psyche, pathology, you will soon have a whole wardrobe full of shining new capabilities!

Companies set resolutions too, dressed up as strategy. Strategic Initiatives they are often called – a concept which in the corporate lexicon has come to carry pretty much the same weight as the good old fashioned New Year Resolution.

Strategic, coming from strategy, meaning it’s somehow part of your plan. Initiative, from initiate, hinting you might be starting something. So does that make a Strategic Intiative :
a) something at the start of your plan;
b) the start of your planning; or
c) a brain fart in the key of B flat announcing to the world that you are planning to start your planning process to deliver the world’s greatest plan?

The Great Euphemism

Or is the phrase “Strategic Initiative” really just fancy words for “important stuff we need to get done”? The thing is, your staff and customers know what’s important because that’s where they see you spending your time, energy and $$$…not where you are paying lip service. So if you come up with a good idea for improving profit, making more sales, making your customers or staff happier, don’t just talk about it, or give it a fancy title, or plan it out; DO! Because even the world’s best PowerPoint presentation won’t effect change in your business – only you can do that!